Survival of the Daddest

Family holidays are supposed to be a huge source of stress, right? Please tell me they are. If that’s not the case, then I’m clearly doing something wrong, and I simply can’t afford for that to be the case. I mean, when you’re racking up hundreds of dollars a day on kid-friendly B&Bs, cafe meals …

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Cars Vexing

First driving lesson: an unmitigated disaster. I have never sat behind the wheel of a car, but so many of the jobs I would like to apply for say that they need you to have a license, so I figured I’d get right on that. Lessons seemed like a good idea, especially since I’d never …

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Lunar Tire Repairs

So…I’ve been looking up pictures of moon rovers, and I don’t think my ability to change tires is going to be very helpful. All this time I’ve used this as the one solid reason that I should be part of the colonisation team. My tire repair skills are immense. They are vital to the mission. …

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