Adulting 101: Car Maintenance

How often are you supposed to have your car serviced? Honestly, there should be a subject about this kind of thing in high school. How to clean a drain, how to consolidate your super, how to do tax… you get the idea. Point is, I’ve been an official adult for a good two years now, and I don’t know the answer to my question about car servicing.

Granted, I’ve only had the car for a year, and it’s my first. But I didn’t realise when I signed up for it that there’d be so many responsibilities tagged on. I mean, how was I meant to know that I needed to register the thing? I’ve never heard anyone mention car registration costs in my life. I whinged about this to some friends and they looked at me weirdly, so maybe everyone has, in fact, been educated on this except me.

Anyway, my brother’s housemate asked me this morning if I’m interested in booking in for a comprehensive car service in Bentleigh at the garage his mate works at. I said there was nothing wrong with my car, to which he looked at me weirdly (I’m getting used to that now) and said that he meant my annual general servicing. As I was leaving I overheard him saying to my bro that I need to do something about “that junk bucket”.

Okay – it is a junk bucket. But it’s my junk bucket. I guess that’s actually a pretty good reason for me to look after it. Come to think of it, I also need answers to the question of where to get car air conditioning serviced. Moorabbin, where my brother lives, isn’t too far from Bentleigh, so I should probably bite the bullet and take advantage of this mechanic recommendation.

I wonder if my parents have deliberately decided to let me figure these things out for myself. I’m fairly sure that, if they had tried explaining the concept of getting a comprehensive car service to me, I’d have totally tuned out. At least it’ll sink in this way.