Oxygen Goes Great with a Vacuum

I think the need for hyperbaric treatments on the moon is practically self-evident. We shall be spending all of our time in a zero-oxygen atmosphere, where oxygen is zero, and there is none of it. Certainly, the bio-dome will be the thing that supplies all of our oxygen needs…but not like here on Earth. Oxygen will be at a premium. People will pay quite a bit to get more of it, perhaps for an upcoming stroll through space, or because they want to leave the dome and go and water their solar petunias. Thus, oxygen will be an important part of the economy!

You know how right now, here in Melbourne, portable hyperbaric chambers for sale are just a part of your life if you happen to have a breathing issue? A lot of hospitals have the professional ones for more serious problems- like that one you get when you’re diving and you get pulled up too quickly, and bubbles form inside your brain- but otherwise, many people will go their whole lives without realising the wonder of hyperbaric medicine. Quite sad, really.

Not so in our new Lunar Kingdom, where purveyors of oxygen will be the new rock stars! Or maybe stock brokers. It’s really hard to transfer concepts from one celestial body to another, I’ll have you know. But still, oxygen will almost become the currency; or it would be, if we hadn’t already decided that our new currency will be Doub-lunars. Still, imagine how many doub-lunars people will pay for oxygen treatments, from Melbourne, but on the moon! That’s like the best of both worlds, on one world. The only world that matters. The *MOON* world. Just imagine how hyperbaric sciences will advance when oxygen is elevated to such a privileged place in our new and glorious society…

-Brother Garran