Esteemed Guests

Upcoming Guests

We only list our most esteemed guests here (with their permission, of course). If you work in their industry and have always wanted to collaborate on a project, or are just a fan of theirs (and are also a leader in your own field), you might want to book your own visit around these dates.

Manson Bodak (04/01 – 12/01)

New York Times Bestselling Author Manson Bodak will be at Bridge Point early next year. He’s best known for his epic fantasy series, Library of Thunder and Light. Manson will be flying straight from Colorado, USA to our exclusive location. He wanted to visit much sooner, but unfortunately, we’re all booked out for the rest of the year!

A. Nadir (15/01 – 31/01)

Esteemed director, A. Nadir will be joining us for a few dozen games of golf in the middle of January next year. No doubt you’re familiar with his sci-fi thriller, Captain Starr and the Legends of the Universe or his cult classic, Annie’s Move. If you’re an actor wanting to star in his next hit film, this is the perfect networking opportunity.

Silver Dore (23/01 – 02/02)

Who doesn’t love the paintings of Silver Dore? In 2007 she captured the world with her abstract work and she hasn’t looked back since. Dore will be holding a private exhibition and auction right here, at Bridge Point. If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on one of her paintings, be sure to bring a big chequebook.

Freddy Crumbler (01/02 – 15/02)

Ever since Freddy Crumbler starred in the latest Space Battles film, he’s been the most in-demand actor in Hollywood. That’s why he’s chosen to come to Bridge Point early next year, to get away from all the hustle and bustle. That said, he’s open to pitches if you’ve got a script in the works, because Space Battles won’t last forever.

Jason Saddie (17/02 – 23/02)

Jason Saddie will be joining us in the middle of February, bringing along with him the Stanley Cup. If you’ve always wanted to meet an NHL defenceman in person, or get a picture with the Stanley Cup, be sure to book for February. He’s also looking to start up a business, so if you’re open to a new venture, there’s no better place to discuss it than at Bridge Point.

Previous Guests

Want to get a feel for the sort of people who visit Bridge Point? Here are just a few of our previous guests. Don’t worry, they’re sure to be back!

  • Cordova Endon (renowned monk)
  • Steve McQueen (horror author)
  • Davis McFrankie (Wimbleton winner)
  • Joceline Smith (rock musician)
  • Maurice Tennant (Noble Prize winner)