New photo wallpaper for Bella

With all the fuss around the house leading up to my daughters birthday bash, I am starting to worry that my eldest, Bella, is feeling neglected. A redesign of Bella’s room would be an ideal way of showing that she is just as important as Arya. I was thinking of completely overhauling the theme and colour scheme of her room. It is currently yellow and perhaps a little too young for the tastes of a four year old. Some forest wallpaper and new curtains would completely change her room. Her favourite colour is purple. Very regal. I can picture it now; deep purple curtains with light purple walls perhaps.

I wonder if Bella is old enough to start learning about the principles of interior design. I want her to have an active role in designing her room, guided by my seasoned eye of course. It is not unlikely that Bella would have a flair for doing up her room. Her room’s current shade, lemon chiffon, was chosen by Bella when she was only eight months old. I held up the colour swatches for her, but she definitely pointed to lemon chiffon. Truth be told, it was her second preference. There was no way that my child would have an offensive shade of fluorescent yellow on her walls. I wanted a colour that would be calming, not one that encourages disorder and emanates bad vibes.

She would certainly need a feature wall in her new room, to draw the eye. I was thinking that when Bella starts ballet next year, we could get some photos done and have her room transformed into a ballerina haven. I know she would just love custom photo wallpaper, it’s apparently very popular at the moment. It would be so cool if she could get ahead of the trend and be the first of her friends to get photo wallpaper. As long as she does not ask to get a photo of that wretched mouse Alfie on her wall.