Selling my car

I’m planning to sell my car in the next couple of months as my wife and I are expecting a child. This is a very exciting time for us but it has meant that we’ve needed to make a few big lifestyle changes. One of the big changes that we’re making is moving house. We used to live together in a small inner-city apartment. This was great when we were two young business professionals who were always going out for drinks or dinner, but now with a baby on the way we’re looking to relocate somewhere that is more child-friendly with a good school. Moving day is officially in a week’s time. Between now and then I’m also hoping to trade in our BMW for a four-wheel-drive vehicle that is a bit safer and a bit more suited to our new lifestyle.

I was looking online about ways that can help improve your chances of selling your car quickly and I noticed that if you have a Roadworthy Certificate, Ringwood drivers are much more likely to buy your car. As we’re moving to Ringwood I think it’s best we go through a dealer that is Ringwood based. That way there is less pressure of us needing to travel to and from a car dealership that is far away.

I’m also a bit of a creature of habit. When I find a doctor, a mechanic, or a dentist that I like, I stick to them. I really don’t like shopping around for new places. I feel there’s too much risk in that. It’s like the old saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Well, I go to the most recommended mechanic near me in Ringwood and I can see why he is the most recommended. It is because he is the best. When I asked him to complete a roadworthy inspection he was more than happy to oblige. It’s people like him that make this whole change of life easier.