Driving too fast


One day after work I was driving and wanted to get to a shop in time to try new shoes. I had only thirty minutes to get to the shop in time before it closed. I was sure I was going to arrive with at least five minutes to spare but in a shoe shop, that’s never enough time. I like to have enough time to be able to walk around freely and browse what they have in stock. The speed limit of the road I drive is eighty, and I thought there was no harm in driving exactly at eighty. That was until I had to make a right turn. The road in this turn was very sharp so I had my steering wheel fully locked as I turned. This wasn’t a good idea. At eighty kilometres per hour my car spun out of control and flawed straight into a pole. Thanks to air bags I managed to walk away unscathed. I’m so glad I didn’t cost anyone their life or severely hurt anyone from my stupidity. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my car.

The side of my car ended up getting crunched but a few people seem to think it’s repairable. I’m only going to trust the word of a reliable mechanic around Milperra. It’s all well and good for friends of mine to say the car will be fine and is repairable but at the end of the day they’re not the ones that are going to have to fix it or pay for the repair. A part of me thinks that my car will just be write-off now. I just know it. Things are expensive when it comes to cars even when it’s a small fix. My car practically looks squashed! It will be a lot of work for a mechanic to sort out and I’m not sure if it will be worth it. These sorts of car repairs aren’t cheap and I’m not sure if I can afford it. Maybe I’ll be better off saving and buying myself a new car? In all honesty, I’m actually a bit scared to drive right now. This whole thing has left me shaken.