Band woes


People think being in a band it’s fun. Let me tell you something, it’s not. Ok, that might be a bit extreme. It is fun but there’s a lot of hassle that comes with it. People don’t realise what goes into preparing for a gig. First there are all the rehearsals. These rehearsals can cost $70 a week if you rehearse every week. Then you have to try to coordinate these rehearsals among all the band members so everyone can make it at the same time. Then when you’re at the rehearsals you have to stay focused and make sure everyone else is focusing too so you’re making a productive use of your time. When not rehearsing you need to actively write music or find ways to promote your band. The upside to social media is that you can promote your material and reach people you wouldn’t have been able to reach before. The downside to social media is that everyone is using it and trying to promote themselves, which means your band is just one in a million other things people have seen in their day.

The process of releasing new music is costly as you need to pay for recording studios, engineers and a video production company. Melbourne is full of creative people so there are many engineers and video producers around who can help bands make fantastic music videos to promote their latest single. 

Over time I have started noticing that many bands are becoming a lot more original in their approach to music videos. Once upon a time music videos used to be the band jamming in front of a white screen, or live on stage. It now seems that bands are coming up with ways to be more creative. I’m starting to see a lot more 2D animation companies for music videos start to appear. I think this is great. The world of music and rock bands was getting quite stale for some time and I think finding ways to move with technology will be refreshing.