Lunar Tire Repairs

So…I’ve been looking up pictures of moon rovers, and I don’t think my ability to change tires is going to be very helpful. All this time I’ve used this as the one solid reason that I should be part of the colonisation team. My tire repair skills are immense. They are vital to the mission. I worked near a garage that does tire repair near Northcote for twenty years. Sure that doesn’t exactly give me any skills, but I know the basics. Also, no one has noticed that I’m only 17, which seems…pretty impossible. I just started work extremely early, like a Victorian orphan.

No, I’m looking at moon rovers and a lot of them don’t even have wheels; just tracks, like a…thing that has tracks. All my experience in tire repairs and tire replacement is useless! That is, the couple of years I have owning a car and taking it to get tire repairs when they were needed! I could’ve blagged my way through the job if they were actual wheels, but there are not. What’s going to happen is that we’re going to get to the moon, by which time it’ll be too late to get rid of me, but everyone will see me for the fraud I am and it’ll be super awkward forever, basically. It might even be so very bad that they’ll use one of the escape pods and send me back down to Earth, expelled from the cult forever.

The only thing I can do is take a course in tire repair and general auto services, and just hope that total expertise in that area is enough to work on a moon rover’s track thingies.

I’ve been putting it off but I really do need to go back to that one excellent mechanic. Northcote has some of the best garages in the area, I must get close enough to learn from them before the mission. Maybe see if they’ll let me hang around…I’ve spent so much money on the cult that I don’t have any left for an actual auto repairs course. I’ll have to learn by example and observation. And if any of the mechanics just happen to have experience working with moon rovers, then…great. That’s a plus for me!