What a Wonderful Country

The meat in this country…oh, the meat is truly wonderful. Not that Romanian meat is anything so terrible, but it’s not known as a place to get a juicy steak, or a delicious lamb burger, or even just some nice sausages. So close to Germany, and the sausage quality is just average.

Actually, if I’m honest, the sausage quality here is a bit worse, but every other type of meat is excellent. Did you know that you can eat kangaroo? And crocodile?? I don’t know what they’ll think of next.

In fact, Australia just tends to do so many things so well. Every day I make a new discovery. I was doing a bit of midnight gardening yesterday and I thought…we need some daffodil fortunes in here. Oh yes, I know the specific type that I would like. I’ve always been quite the garden guru, despite the fact that we can’t go out during the day and enjoy the lovely beds of daffodils, or plant tulip bulbs until night falls. We used to have floodlights installed in our old castle back in Romania, just so we could wander the grounds with impunity. Now, I’d like to transform this space into something comparable, but using the varieties of flowers that Australia has to offer. People here quite like their roses. I went looking for roses to purchase online- going to a garden centre might be quite risky, even in cloudy weather- and found more than I could possibly imagine. This fertile Australian soil must be rich in bounty and friendly to all types of roses.

I might have gone looking for daffodil bulbs and spring flowering bulbs, but I found myself veering towards Brindabella roses.

No idea what they are, but they just sound like *fun*.