Lay Off the Office

I can’t really recommend having a beard. Stubble is fine, and hyper-stubble can be okay (that’s like when people don’t actually have a beard, but it’s not quite stubble either). But a full beard? Not so good.

That’s my life experience, and I’m recommending what’s good for me. What’s good for me, however, might not be the same for you, so please feel free to grow a beard if you so desire. Same goes for anything else, and that includes all ways in which you live your life. The reason I bring this up is because Raul is visiting, and he makes it his mission to criticise every single thing about my entire life while I’m here. Made the mistake of having him pick me up from work and he even found fault with my office. “Why no spinning chairs, what’s with your office walls? No design companies in Melbourne who can make your office a little better than this?”

He’s actually the worst. Can’t even just have him stand at the door of my office without tearing it all apart with his annoying, nasally kazoo voice. I know Mum said that we’re supposed to love family, and family comes first, and it’s all about the family, but Raul really stretched that. I LIKE my office, for the record. I like the way it looks. We don’t have automatic doors and a robot butler, but it’s comfortable, we have air conditioning and my desk is really close to the kitchen so i can go and make tea several times a day without anyone thinking it to be suspicious. Perfect. I love tea.

I’m not saying I’m against office interior design. Melbourne has a TV show about that, actually. But it’s like Raul needs to say SOMETHING negative about every facet of my life. Shouldn’t have let him anywhere near my office in the first place…