Enjoy Your, Um, Carpet Cleaning…

The cornerstone of our entire company is not telling the Sydney office that nobody cares about them. Some of them might be getting suspicious, so we might need to toss them a bone. Maybe we’ll have their carpets steam cleaned or something. Or we could tint all their windows, for some reason?

I know they probably think they’re more important, but the truth of the matter is that the Sydney office does the least business out of anyone, so…makes sense. Makes perfect sense that the professionals that do office fitouts near Sydney are doing their thing elsewhere, whereas OUR office in Sydney is just getting a stupid carpet steam clean. You reap what you sow. That’s why we now have a coffee machine, and they do not. It’s why the Adelaide office now has an electronic entry system, whereas you can just walk into the Sydney office anytime you like. We just do more for the company.

And look, if they want some fancy office fitouts, then they can pull up their socks and start pulling their weight. Sure, they don’t actually KNOW that, but they should. They’re a bunch of lazy bums.

That’s why the office in Hobart now has a separate karaoke lounge. That’s not quite within the regular boundary of office fitouts, but we just felt like they deserved it after a stellar first quarter. Just like how our office in Brisbane did so well with that offshore account, so we gave them a little bit of a reward in the form of a dedicated, on-site massage therapist. And the sauna in the Melbourne office, next to the cocktail bar? We needed that. It’s essential to the well-being of our office.

But Sydney gets none of it until they start putting in the work. Oh, we have the number of some really good companies in Sydney for office fitouts and design. And we’ll call when they prove themselves.

-Josh Regan, CEO