Manifesting at 110%

My powers of manifestation are through the roof of late, if I do say so myself. Like, perhaps even to a fault. It’s starting to get a bit spooky, frankly, ever since that brand new Macbook turned up in hard rubbish. On the plus side, my home office is looking sharp, not to mention perfectly …

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Present is Fine

You know the best way to see the future? Just…look at a baby. Preferably one you care about. Seriously, it’s flipping weird and terrifying. Once you get over how cute they are, you start thinking about what they’re going to be like as they grow up, and then how the world will be, and of …

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Lay Off the Office

I can’t really recommend having a beard. Stubble is fine, and hyper-stubble can be okay (that’s like when people don’t actually have a beard, but it’s not quite stubble either). But a full beard? Not so good. That’s my life experience, and I’m recommending what’s good for me. What’s good for me, however, might not …

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