Manifesting at 110%

My powers of manifestation are through the roof of late, if I do say so myself. Like, perhaps even to a fault. It’s starting to get a bit spooky, frankly, ever since that brand new Macbook turned up in hard rubbish. On the plus side, my home office is looking sharp, not to mention perfectly matched to the vision board I’ve secretly been compiling online (no one needs to know just how heavily my success relies on vision boards).

Seriously, though – it’s not the just that the furnishings and fixtures have been upgraded, or that my power boards are all organised to perfection, or the ethernet cable no longer being a dire trip hazard. The whole space has been has been given a highly functional overhaul. Welcome to the joys of commercial space design. Melbourne had better watch out, because my little office is surely the best in town.

Granted, it’s small; at the end of the day, it’s a one-person environment. But my business operations are set to be so much easier to carry out, which means I can be more responsive  to clients and perhaps take on more of them. Who’d have thought a workspace redesign could have such an impact on the work itself?

I mean, I kind of did think that. That’s why I manifested the makeover. I’ve worked in plenty of shared spaces over the years, and I’ve seen the power of high-end office fitouts. Melbourne offices, in particular, are often such loving tributes to design innovation that it’s hard to believe that the city doesn’t run on solely on a steady drip of interior architecture.

I don’t know; maybe I’m over-hyping all of that. Still, it’s that level enthusiasm that makes me so great at manifesting dream environments. Maybe it’s a simply fact of interiors being my passion, and that I’ll do anything to get the right effect. That doesn’t explain my serendipitous hard rubbish finds, though.