Power, or Powerless?

As per usual, it was a confusing and misguided episode of Her-Bla, one that didn’t seem to know what message it wanted to convey. Back in season one, the messages may have been terrible, but at least they stuck to their guns, even if they were flying in the face of logic and common sense.

Now it’s all just fallen into a giant pit of…bleh. Today seemed to be an episode where Her-Bla and her wonderful friends were advocating for a simpler lifestyle, free from electricity where we can all get back to nature. Okay, great: they go to the mystic mountain of the Cheltenham electrician to give him a jolly good telling off for performing home rewiring on the shining castle of magic and light and kittens and good things, but then they ALL use electricity in some capacity along the way.

Smiley the Squirrel plugs in his hairdryer before they leave so he can give himself a wickedly-slick quiff. Goswell the Golden Goose uses an electric blanket at the halfway house so she can keep her eggs warm. Maxine the Mantis Shrimp uses Google Maps at one point when they get lost in the Forest of Gooey, Icky Nastiness, and Her-Bla actually livestreams the entire journey and posts the pictures on Instant-Gram with captions like going to go give that Electrician a piece of my mind.

You would think this ends with them getting to the top of the mountain and being all like “wow, we used so much power to get here on our awesome road trip. Electricians are actually really awesome!”

But they don’t. They rip into the mystic electrician king, he cries, some of the people watching the live-stream type comments telling Her-Bla that maybe she was a bit too harsh, and she concludes that maybe some power is okay, because it lets you connect with people and be best buddies across the world. So they get the electrician and ice-cream, they all go home, and I’m like…what do the actual commercial electricians near me think of this, exactly? I don’t know what anyone is supposed to think about this, if I’m honest.