The Solar Showdown

In Lumina, tradition ran deep. And while the younger wizards and witches were thrilled by Wally’s tales of the sun, the High Council of Magic remained, let’s say, sun-sceptical. They decided that Wally’s claims needed rigorous magical testing. First on the list: potions! The council believed that the best brews bubbled under the glow of …

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Fashionable Solar Future

Stepping into the vibrant world of fashion, one might not immediately think about energy consumption. It’s often more about runway walks, sequins, and those statement pieces that turn heads. But as a fashion business owner, I’ve started to think beyond the fabric. What is the cost of commercial solar installation? It’s a question I have …

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Power, or Powerless?

As per usual, it was a confusing and misguided episode of Her-Bla, one that didn’t seem to know what message it wanted to convey. Back in season one, the messages may have been terrible, but at least they stuck to their guns, even if they were flying in the face of logic and common sense. …

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