The Solar Showdown

In Lumina, tradition ran deep. And while the younger wizards and witches were thrilled by Wally’s tales of the sun, the High Council of Magic remained, let’s say, sun-sceptical. They decided that Wally’s claims needed rigorous magical testing.

First on the list: potions! The council believed that the best brews bubbled under the glow of ancient moonstones. Wally, however, had a different proposal. Under the intense scrutiny of Lumina’s finest potion masters, he set up his solar lamps, explaining about the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates, or VEEC, a concept from his homeland that endorsed sustainable energy practices. A cauldron was set beneath, and the brewing began. Hours later, not only was the potion perfectly concocted, but the solar lamps also ensured consistent heat, eliminating the risk of over-boiling. Score one for Wally!

Next, the grand illumination duel. Lumina’s brightest witch, known for her luminous spells, stepped onto the platform opposite Wally. Her wand flickered brightly, illuminating half of Lumina Square. Wally, on the other hand, simply connected his panels and unveiled a gigantic LED screen that bathed the entire square in warm, radiant light. The crowd gasped; never had they seen such even lighting without the aid of a spell.

After each trial, the murmurs grew louder. Solar energy, it seemed, was more than just a gimmick—it was innovative and incredibly useful. Many started contemplating the benefits of solar power for businesses in Australia, wondering if such concepts could be applied in Lumina for magical ventures.

In the final meeting of the council, despite the chuckles and smirks, it was clear. Traditional magic had its place, but this new “solar sorcery” brought with it possibilities that Lumina had never imagined. And just like that, with a dash of humour and heaps of sunlight, Wally was turning the tide in the enchanted kingdom of Lumina.

While some of the elder magicians still held onto their traditional methods, many of Lumina’s younger generation eagerly approached Wally, keen to learn and fuse magic with this newfound solar wisdom.