Present is Fine

You know the best way to see the future? Just…look at a baby. Preferably one you care about. Seriously, it’s flipping weird and terrifying. Once you get over how cute they are, you start thinking about what they’re going to be like as they grow up, and then how the world will be, and of course you’re going to be a part of that so you get to experience it as well, and then everything spirals into a vortex of pessimism and despair at how society is going to crumble and the economy will collapse and is it just me? Is it a me thing?

Feels like it might be. Also feels like I should be a little more optimistic when holding my new nephew. And yeah, definitely not going to tell his parents.

I like to think we can sort things out, but I’ve never been one to relax and let things be what they will be. We got some extensive office fitouts from a Melbourne company on the weekend and everyone came back to find it all white and lush. Nicer seats and the place just has new life breathed into it. THEY loved it. My only thought was of how we’re not going to have the same chairs, and how I had mine perfectly adjusted to suit my lumbar support preferences, and now we’re all going to have back problems. The walls are clean but they’re going to show dirt, and the positioning of the desks means that the sun at the end of the day is going to be shining on the opposite side and we’re going to have to use more electricity because we’ve moved a little bit away from the source of light.

Even in Melbourne, office interior design is something I cannot simply enjoy. To be honest I cannot enjoy anything lately. It’s dire, quite dire indeed. Life is just out to get me, I guess. Maybe it’s just me living under a black cloud and everyone else is fine.

I guess that’s my optimistic thought for the day.