Cars Vexing

First driving lesson: an unmitigated disaster. I have never sat behind the wheel of a car, but so many of the jobs I would like to apply for say that they need you to have a license, so I figured I’d get right on that. Lessons seemed like a good idea, especially since I’d never even so much as driven a horse and cart.

But then the instructor asked me if I’d had any experience, I panicked and wondered what to say, and just said ’15 years’. Cars are everywhere in this realm; it seemed appropriate. No…too much. And the instructor definitely knew it was too much when I spent my entire first drive screaming and ramming the car into a wall. But it was a low wall.

In the suburb of of Malvern, car servicing must surely be plenty. You can’t walk down a street without seeing what seems to be hundreds and hundreds of the things, so obviously there must be people around to take care of them and…you know, whatever it is you do for cars. That’d be good, because the old thing that I purchased for my lessons seems to be in need of a bit of tender treatment after I put a massive dent in the bonnet and the engine is out of place.

“Oh, just use magic, you silly thing!” Okay, first, I don’t even know if magic works on machines. I could end up making the situation ten times worse. And second, what kind of magic would you use to fix a car? I can’t summon a familiar; they’d be as clueless as me. A spell of mending only works on very basic tools; this is beyond my knowledge, so it won’t work. I’m utterly stuck, which is why I need a reliable car servicing garage, preferably but I’d settle for elsewhere.

Wait, is picking up a broken car a normal thing? Even the most basic services of this realm confuse me to no end.