Training Tails

When I adopted Luna, a lively labrador puppy, I knew we were in for an adventure. Her boundless energy and mischievous antics led me to search for a puppy school. I wanted a place where Luna could learn, socialise, and expend her energy positively. The puppy school I found came highly recommended by our local …

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Pet Food for Thought

Waiting rooms are so boring. At the age of 35, you’d think I’d have learned by now to bring my own reading material when I go to the clinic, but no. So this afternoon I found myself, once again, sifting through the selection of old volumes of Financiers Weekly and TV Stuff, desperately seeking something …

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Check-Up for Stressed Kitty

My cat, Lucinda, has been behaving oddly the past couple of days. She’s been drinking an inordinate amount of water, and seems low on energy as well. Plus, she’s showing little interest in playing with my socks, which is generally her favourite evening past time. I think she might be due for a veterinary health …

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