Check-Up for Stressed Kitty

My cat, Lucinda, has been behaving oddly the past couple of days. She’s been drinking an inordinate amount of water, and seems low on energy as well. Plus, she’s showing little interest in playing with my socks, which is generally her favourite evening past time. I think she might be due for a veterinary health check-up.

We did just move house from up in the north, so we don’t yet have a friendly, go-to animal hospital in the local area. Anyone able to recommend a good Brighton vet for cat stuff? I suppose it could be that the move has stressed Lucinda out a bit. Being in new territory and all, as well as this renovation work that’s been going on the past couple of weeks, could be a bit of a rude shock to the system.

I can’t get to a vet until the day after tomorrow (unless it’s an emergency, of course), so in the meantime, I’m going to give Lucinda some extra special attention while generally keeping an eye on her. This does make me think that it would be good to know where to go for emergency vet services in Bayside – I mean, I’ve got a cat here who’s pretty healthy on the whole, but also getting towards the senior side of middle aged.

The worst health scare Lucinda’s given me to date was the time she unexpectedly ate a raisin – turns out they’re kinda toxic to cats. (Who’d have thought? Also, what cat eats a raisin? Seriously.) Luckily, she escaped with unscathed, beyond a fairly severe round of vomiting. Apparently, grapes and raisins can actually cause rapid kidney failure in cats. So Lucinda didn’t get off too badly there.

It’s times like those that I feel grateful to know a good local vet who has some familiarity with my cat. For that reason, getting her to a vet for a check-up now is probably not a bad idea, even if she does come good over the next few days.