Kitchen’s Final Reveal

With the kitchen renovation finally complete, the Turner family eagerly planned a grand unveiling party. Their newly designed kitchen, a harmonious blend of modern amenities and historical charm, was ready to be the centre of celebration. The family, fully immersed in the spirit of their home’s history, decided to prepare a feast using the historic …

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The Bathroom Debate

‘I’m just saying,’ the queen sighed, exasperated. ‘I’m just saying, I don’t know what was wrong with the old one.’ ‘It was very out of season,’ her husband replied, leaning against a half-finished sink and flicking through a catalogue. ‘It was a toilet.’ ‘It was last season’s toilet,’ he rolled his eyes, slamming the parchment …

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Insulating My Home

Hello! Six months on from my last update and things are going perfectly according to plan. The rough-in for the plumbing and electricals went well and everything is now officially complete from their end. I’m really happy with the results both the plumber and electrician produced, and I’ve recommended them to my boss as people …

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