Business Brunch… with the In-Laws

I just had brunch with my fiance’s parents. They’re lovely and everything, but let me say this – I’m kind of glad they live in Sweden. For starters, they’re extremely intense with the inquiring about five year plans, financial goals, investments and the like. They wanted to know the details of our mortgage documents, and if we were planning to set up life insurance.

In addition, they spent the better part of an hour going into the intricacies of the upcoming sale of Sven’s business to a German publishing mogul. We talked loan agreements and guarantees, share transfers and partnership deeds, and disputes between shareholders. Or at least, Sven and Stina talked, while I attempted to keep up and look interested.

I don’t know – maybe I ought to become more conversant in commercial law issues. Melbourne business owners, who’s your go-to for legal advice in the arena of buying a franchise? Henrik and I have been thinking about getting into organic health food retail, and there’s an opportunity in the offing. We’ve been essentially dancing around it for lack of business know-how.

Come to think of it, we could probably have used this morning’s brunch to pick the minds of my future in-laws about it. Maybe I didn’t bring it up because I don’t want them to know that I’m no business maven, and even less knowledgeable when it comes to business law. I know this shouldn’t matter to anyone, but it feels like it does alongside Sven and Stina’s apparent passion for commercial succession planning strategies. Melbourne has some of the most impressive law firms in the country, there is bound to be someone who can help.

Henrik assures me that they don’t expect me to be the same as them, and they fully respect my calling of probiotics advocacy. I’m aware that he’s probably right, but I can’t shake the feeling that I could do more in the health food domain if I became more educated on running a business, and got some sound legal advice on the subject as well.