Growing enthusiasm for tulips

Plants often play a very important part in my culture, often symbolising many things like death, and life, and betrayal, and…love. Lots of other things depending on the species of flower or plant and the colour of the bloom.

It reminds me of a scene in one of my favourite shows, ‘Nah, Ludo’ where that one character was sad, and then they showed sakura petals floating behind them. The symbolism was simply beautiful. But it’s this new gardening drama show suggested on the forums that’s really made me interested in getting involved in a bit of gardening, and that’s ‘My Petal Heaven Maiden: Daffodil Princess!’

Obviously it’s a show about magical tulip bulbs (the title is very misleading), like the type of tulip bulbs for sale right around the corner from me, and also online apparently. The folks on the forums are doing a tulip growing challenge, trying to keep their flowers alive for the entire season of the show. It makes sense because it’s about a bunch of magical people who come draw strength from plants to fight evil, but they can only live as long as their original plants.

I got myself some tulip triumphs to myself hyped up for the upcoming season. I must admit I’m having to ask for a lot of advice from my parents because I’ve never grown anything before. I mean, I know you put it in a pot of soil, and add water. Sunlight might also be important for some reason. There were care instructions, but I threw them away without thinking. I’m trying my best anyway. I’ll imagine my tulip triumphs are like the main character’s best friend, Yumi-san, with the power of ice and snow, and also a crippling fear of rice. I have to keep Yumi-san alive! Maybe I’ll just go and buy MORE tulip triumphs just in case anything happens to my current batch. I’ll also get more care instructions, so that’ll help.

Actually, I think the online store I bought the original bulbs in had some tips on how to keep plants alive as well. If I manage to get one flower I’ll consider the whole project a success.