Painting Charlie’s Room

Hey George, welcome back to my second blog. On this blog, I like to get a little odder and drink carbonated water, which I don’t do on my main blog. So today Amanda and I will be painting the room of our first child, named Charlie. Now, we haven’t actually had any children yet, but we’ve got our life all planned out, so we know what we are going to call our first child. We have plans for all the names of our four future children. We’ve chosen unisex names for all of them, so it doesn’t matter whether we have boys or girls.

Amanda and I had a long discussion about it, and we’ve decided that we want Charlie to grow up to be an astronaut. That’s why we’re going to paint this first room with a space theme. I’ve been inspired by something that happened to me last week. I was walking down the street when I saw an exterior painter in the Melbourne area. He was painting the outside of this building dark blue with little specks of white and yellow. Suddenly I realised that would be the perfect design for a child’s bedroom, especially considering we had already decided Charlie will be exploring space by the time they turn twenty-five. Thank you very much, unexpected commercial painting service, for giving me that incredible idea.

I actually hired that same painter from Melbourne to do the interior walls of Charlie’s room. The base dark blue is done. Now Amanda and I just have to paint the moon and the stars. It will take a lot of work, but it will be worth it to get into the subconscious mind of our little boy or girl and convince them to become an astronaut. 

Tomorrow Amanda and I will be painting the room of our second to-be-born child. I can’t wait. For now, though, I need to get busy painting these stars.

– Daniel Goodman