Needling for the Happiness of Your Employees

I like working from home as much as the next guy, but I won’t deny that there are SOME things I miss from the office. The structure, for one. The human interaction. The fact that every single Wednesday we had a work barbecue and I didn’t have to pay for a meal. And then there was the locally-owned coffee shop across the road, even though it was a pretty busy road.

Freelancing suits me fine, for now. But my friend Sam just managed to land his dream job as a graphic designer at Lawrence Corp, and wow…suddenly I can see why you’d want to be an office drone. The benefits are insane, and I’m not just talking about the salary. They get free massages. AT WORK. And then they apparently just sent their in-house doctor on a dry needling course, just so that he’s able to deal with ANY medical problem. Like, dry needling. I’m not saying it’s obscure, but I can’t image working in an office where I can just go to the doctor for free when I feel like I’m in need, and he’s like ‘you know, I have some needles for what ails you.’

Sam doesn’t like to brag, so I bet personalised dry needling session are probably just the tip of the iceberg. I’m envisioning a spa, maybe a canteen where they can get one of seven-hundred meaty lunches every single day. Maybe a pool. A company pool, yeah, sounds about right. Honestly the dry needling would be enough, my back has been hurting something fierce these past few months. I’m so jealous of Sam and his wonderful job with benefits. 

But that’s Lawrence Corp for you. I’d imagine they work you hard, but that’s how they make all their money. Money they use to send people on trigger point dry needling courses…or so it would seem. Wonder if they would happen to be hiring…?