Finally fixing the cooling system

Every home has that one issue that never gets sorted. Growing up, there was a step in our staircase that had a crack in it and made it extra bouncy on the way up and down. My dad always said he was going to fix it but he never did. At my house our step is in the form of our central heating, It is always broken. We do occasionally get it fixed and we are always told to replace it but that seems like a lot of bother so we just continue to use it until it conks out again. I am practically on a first name bases with guys who offer the best heater services Melbourne residents adore. The heater gave up on us again last weekend and this time it sounded worse than usual. I actually thought I heard it give out a large sigh and power down for the final time, it had a certain drama to it that it hasn’t had before.

Something about it signalled to me that it might actually be time to invest in new air conditioning. I used to really begrudge spending money on household things. It’s so not fun. Why would I choose to spend thousands of dollars on ducted heating vents when I can spend it on a holiday, or buy some really warm clothes! Anyway, thinking about my children getting chilly during the colder months I decided to be grown up and not buy a kayak that I don’t really need but instead buy a shiny new heating unit. I sat my husband down to look over various ducted heating repair companies in Melbourne and made him choose one. With the money we’ll save from not paying for repairs every two months we should earn the cost of the new air conditioning unit back in no time! I have no doubt that as soon as the heater is working another problem will take over that will take us years to sort but I’m just praying we get at least a few months of cool hassle-free peace in between.