Kitchen Design, Sure

I guess I’d better just get my kitchen renovated. Like…that sounds good. There are so many options available nowadays…I’m guessing. I honestly don’t really know, because I only just inherited six-million dollars from some relatives, and I have no experience of wealth, at all. Last week I was living in a tiny apartment and eating entire oven pizzas when I came back from my dead-end job every day, and now I’m trying to find the best things to do with loads of money.

Saving is at the top, which is fair. Buying a home, already done. Now it’s telling me that Melbourne companies for kitchen renovation are some of the best in the world and I should be jumping on that trend. Somehow that ranks above ‘Caribbean holiday’, but I’ve been rich for like a week, so what do I know? Apparently people with a bit of cash to throw around have to get themselves involved in modern kitchen design; it is…the WAY. And if you don’t have the best-looking kitchen, then you can’t be part of the club and you might as well just go on a normal Caribbean holiday, like a normal person.

Hey, I’m just doing what the internet told me to do. Now, I should note that this kitchen is just going to be a glorified sandwich making location, because I don’t cook. Making sandwiches for work is the most complex thing I do, and now I don’t even have to make them for work, so I’m thinking it’ll just be habit. Me and my full-renovated kitchen, made by a kitchen layout planner, all modern and new and mostly unused. Unless I get a chef as well. Is that overkill? It would make me a little uncomfortable not gonna lie.

Okay, just the kitchen design then, please. And then a holiday would be nice. I can dream right?