Just Ask Me

And so, in the end, the great air conditioning war ended not with a bang, but a shrug. I was hoping it would spread to the Sydney office, and then finally, our meetings would be a little bit interesting. As it is, every single one is just a huge waste of time, which is saying something because wasting time is something I do quite well in the office. It’s…most of what I do.

Was kinda hoping all the air conditioning repair team in Sydney would get involved, and there would be a sort of cooling revolution. A revolution…with cooling. maybe we’d get better cooling in our office, because while it is currently fine, it doesn’t DO anything. People refuse to switch it on, so we have the opposite situation as they do in most offices where people are always talking about it being too cold. No, we have to put up with people roasting, or just generally being humid when the air con unit is right there, but anything to pinch a few pennies, eh?

Anyway, I was all ready to rise up, take it to the man, be a revolutionary from the comfort of my own desk, but it never happened. Casey raised it in one meeting, and I perked up instead of dooling in my journal, and she just said ‘hey, it gets hot in here sometimes, maybe we could turn the air con onto a low setting once in a while?’ and the boss said ‘sure, I didn’t realise because my office is off to the side, but we can do that. Sorry for the inconvenience’.

That was it? We just had to…ask? So if I asked the Sydney’s best air conditioning servicing people to fix the unit onto a timer so that justice is truly served by the hand of a machine, like…is that fine as well? Good grief, this all could’ve been so easy…