Elderly bathroom renovations









I hate getting older. It sucks. There’s nothing fun that comes with age. I always tell my kids to enjoy themselves while they are young and mobile, because your body won’t be the same once you get to a certain age. One thing I’ve found with age is that as your ‘number’ increases, your physical capabilities decrease. I struggle to even have a shower nowadays! If it wasn’t for me finding a bathroom renovation company specialising in accessibility, I’d still be falling in the shower each day.

Now are you starting to see what I mean about ageing? Even menial tasks like having a shower is difficult. I eventually decided to put a stool in the shower so I could wash my hair by sitting down. The bathtub, however? That was off limits to me. The last time I’d ever tried to use the bathroom I had gotten stuck in it as I could lift myself up. Even going to the toilet was a mission. Getting on and off the seat turned into a huge ordeal. 

I’m just glad there are bathroom designers near Melbourne specialising in disability fittings. I remember when my parents were getting old twenty years ago, there weren’t many options for them. There definitely weren’t any stylish options either. At least now I can renovate my bathroom with fittings for old folk like me, and still have a bathroom that looks modern and visually appealing. This is another thing the younger generation don’t need to worry about! They don’t need to worry about ensuring their bathrooms have fittings to get on and off a toilet seat, or in and out of the bathroom. They can have their nice, stylish bathrooms with plants everywhere and lovely throws.

I guess what I’m saying here is… if you’re young, or feel young, enjoy it! Enjoy your travelling, enjoy the physical mobility, and enjoy your bathroom because none of it will be the same once you hit a certain age. I just wish I had someone who would have shared this wisdom with me back in my day.