Tinting the Town

Zoe Martin’s next article in the series delved into the rapidly growing trend of window tinting in Melbourne, particularly focusing on its application in office spaces. Her exploration was not just about the tinting itself, but about the people behind this emerging industry, especially Ava Simmons, whose business providing window tinting for Melbourne offices was …

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Window Pane Waltz

Melbourne’s iconic skyline, famous for its modern edifices and historic facades, held many secrets. But among its lesser-known tales was a quirky tradition that Kris Shade was all too eager to share with Ana Tint. “Are you ready for a dance like no other, Ana?” Kris teased, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Without waiting for …

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My Sunless Life

What we have here is a pickle. You see, I like to think that one day I’ll live in a house with many windows. This is mainly because right now, my place is the total opposite. I’m sharing a house with other students, and because I’m a cheapskate I went for the ‘interior room’. See, …

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