Wiling Time, While the Cockroaches Roam

Movies sure are getting wackier nowadays. I just finished watching Bore: Magma Rocks, and it was alright as superhero films go. There aren’t many films that are about heroes with the power to bore through solid surfaces so that people can harvest magma, and there aren’t too many of THOSE around. Even less, you might say. I guess that makes it refreshing in a world where all these superhero movies are starting to blend together, but did it go TOO hard on the wacky hjinks? I say…maybe. I’m taking a strong stance upon that point.

What to watch next…probably that new one about the couple who have the extremely healthy relationship based upon trust and equality, and also they are on a farm. Forty Grades of Hay, that was it.

Clearly, I need to better fill my time. But it’s not like I can just go back to Mornington. Pest control people are probably still warming over what seems to be the case of the century, the focal point of all insects everywhere, the case that will end all insect cases. There were lots of cockroaches, basically, and here I am at the cinema trying to distract myself from the tidal wave of cockroaches that has every pest inspector in a fifty-kilometre radius flocking to my door. Like, it’s an industry event, my house. How did it get this way, you might ask? Well, there’s no telling, though perhaps I haven’t been disposing of my takeaway containers as responsibly as I should’ve. These things build up over time, and the BOOM. Cockroaches, running your life like irritating, overbearing in-laws. Ironically, getting out of the house is also what I do when the in-laws arrive, so maybe next time it’ll be another movie binge.

Guess I should give them a call, see if they’ve summoned some pest control based in Sorrento and beyond, because this is SO amazing. Everyone needs to see. Come and behold the freaky cockroach house.