Shy children at play centers

As the nanny of a number of children, I have to say that there are great parks, and there are definitely parks to avoid. I’m proficient in first aid and very up to date with current practise, but I also know that even the most unassuming play-space can be dangerous if you’re not careful. I always make sure to do a risk assessment of any area I take someone’s child to. I can’t afford to take the chance.

My favourite places to take kids has to be the best indoor play centers Castle Hill residents have ever seen.  I can take them to such a  place when it’s raining, when it’s too hot, or when i just want to let them run without bubble wrapping them. These places are especially great for super active kids who need to use their bodies to feel in control. There are lots of kids like this, and the difference between a child who moves a lot and one who isn’t able to move their body is significant. It can be the difference between a child who struggles and one who excels.

It’s really interesting to me to see which children will become so much more manageable after physical exertion. I know that diet and sleep are huge interplaying factors as well, but for someone that sees kids when they’re ready to see me- rather than from daybreak to dusk, I can vouch for the fact that some kids just are 100% better when they’ve raised a sweat.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some kids that don’t thrive in indoor play centers and I certainly make concessions for those. I feel like it’s really important to listen to how a child responds and acts in social situations. I know that some children find local kids indoor play centers are overwhelming. However, I have to say, that there are perfect times to take a wary child to a play center and show them how to overcome apprehension around climbing, jumping and running. This helps foster a sense of confidence in themselves that can only come from positive self-led experiences. And the results speak for themselves.