I hate invoicing

Why is it that whenever money is involved life gets extremely awkward? For some reason people can owe people money but as soon as you ask for money that you’re rightfully entitled to, then you’re the bad guy. I remember once I let a work colleague of mine use up all my phone data. It only cost ten dollars but it was still my money. Eventually I started dropping hints and the co-worker was extremely agitated that I was asking them for the money. Was I meant to keep quiet? I’ve noticed a similar thing happens when I have to send clients invoices. Everyone is more than happy for me to do the work for them but as soon as I go to hand them the invoice they begin questioning things. They question every interaction we’ve had, the process, how long we took, how much things cost, and try to short change. Basically, I have seen clients try every single trick in the book to get something cheaper. This is why I believe there needs to be some sort of job management software for Melbourne tradesmen that can track conversations between contractors and clients, plus send and store invoices.

One of the most frequent occurrences I’ve noticed is clients trying to turn around and say that something wasn’t as per agreement. As most discussions happen on the phone it is then easy for the client to think they can get away with trying to lie and say that we’re not operating in accordance with our initial agreement. I won’t say that this is always the customer trying to get away with shortchanging the contractor as sometimes it is the result of a misunderstanding, but many do try to do this to avoid paying. Having job management software for electricians that displays every interaction between the client and the contractor will make things a lot easier. Whenever something is being disputed, we can then simply bring up the conversation and review the points.