Glass Time Loop

As the repair efforts advance, time continues to loop back on itself, erasing and rewriting our progress with each cycle. Yet, it is within this repetitive existence that I’ve made an unexpected discovery, revealing a layer of mystery beneath the surface of Aeria’s glasswork. While restoring one of the older balustrades, I encountered anomalies in the glass that deviated significantly from the standard craftsmanship I had come to know.

These anomalies took the form of intricate inscriptions and hidden mechanisms, seamlessly integrated into the glass balustrades themselves. Initially, I considered these to be mere decorative elements, a flourish of the glass balustrade repair business from Melbourne that I had envisioned in a place so far from my own reality. However, as I delved deeper, it became apparent that these markings were not for aesthetics alone but were indicative of a technology long lost to the ages, potentially connected to the very fabric of the time loop that ensnares me.

Driven by curiosity and an ever-growing sense of purpose, I embarked on a meticulous investigation of these ancient inscriptions. The work was painstaking, requiring a level of precision and understanding that I had not previously possessed. It was as if the glass repair experts near Melbourne, with their renowned attention to detail and mastery over their craft, were guiding my hands in uncovering the secrets held within the glass.

This discovery marks a turning point in my journey through Aeria. The ancient inscriptions and mechanisms suggest a civilization that not only mastered the art of glassmaking but also understood the complexities of time itself. As I piece together the clues left behind in the glass, I am ever more convinced that the answers to the time loop – and perhaps the means to break free from its endless cycle – lie hidden within the very structures I work to repair. Tomorrow, I will continue my exploration, delving deeper into the mysteries of Aeria, guided by the wisdom of those who walked these islands long before us.