Cold girlfriend

One thing I have noticed about some girls is that they are always cold. I grew up with two sisters and it honestly seemed like they could never feel comfortable or content with the temperature of any room – no matter the time of year. My girlfriend is the exact same. We go on holidays together, she’s cold. We go to a restaurant, there’s a draft. We go swimming, the water is freezing. We recently moved into our new house and she won’t stop complaining that she feels cold. I’ve had to arrange for a heater servicing. Canberra is quite a cold city, but the amount my girlfriend complains about the cold, you would think our house was in the middle of the North Pole! She and I absolutely love our movie nights. Every night we put on a horror movie and cuddle up together. Since moving into this house this has been next to impossible as she is constantly uncomfortable with the temperature and will spend the whole film complaining that she’s cold or feels a draft.

I met my girlfriend about five years ago. She is absolutely amazing in every way. She’s a nurse and her whole motivation behind becoming a nurse is her love for helping people. It’s truly amazing. She works these ridiculous hours sometimes and comes back feeling exhausted, covered in other people’s grime yet she still will walk into our home with a smile on her face, and leave for work the next morning in a perky attitude. It’s truly inspiring. She’s also heaps of fun. Whenever we’re at a party she makes an active effort to introduce herself to everyone and make sure that everyone feels included. Her complaints about the cold are a small little quirk I find endearing more than an inconvenience. The best ducted heating service repairman around Canberra will be coming by to sort out our heating system. Hopefully, we can return to our movie viewing soon enough and she can feel comfortable in her home that she won’t need to be shivering while walking around or when waking each morning.