Virtual Hair Tycoon Here

People are really serious about their avatars in the video game, ‘Over-Botch’. It makes my in game job all the more important. I’m just a general stylist, but that way people can come to me for all sorts of things- hair, clothing, different facial features, etc.- so I don’t think I’ll be running out of business any time soon.

That said, I’d like to see if I can specialise in the future. Or maybe I’ll run my own stylist empire, and my own premises will be focused on being a hair salon. David Jones (the virtual one) didn’t have anyone until I came along and filled the hairdressing void. There’s no fast-travel in Over-Botch; you want to get somewhere, you have to actually GET there, by yourself. And while there are greater methods of transport than in the real world, up to and including horseback travel and flying cars, I still think my central hair stylist location made me pretty popular. Plus, most people went for standard careers that they chose off the starting character design list, whereas I went for my own. Hence, I got a lot of business cutting hair and all that. Soon I branched into styling, and now I run a small business that seems to be doing pretty well.

Obviously I’m a huge proponent of the movement to try to bring VR to Over-Botch. Actually doing the hairdressing motions would be great experience, especially at the level of graphics this thing is running. I bet they could make the process of hairdressing almost photorealistic down to the hair strands. And once that gets implemented, maybe someday I’ll have a real hair salon open in Melbourne. Won’t be able to change people’s facial features just by holding up a mirror, but…hey, maybe I will. Technology and all that.