Tools Instead of Dinosaur Robots?

Well, they finally did it. The rumours and leaks were true, and after I spent hours and hours telling people on the forums that they were dead wrong, so now I have to apologise to a few people who may have borne some of the brunt of my pent-up aggression.

Anyway, they’re adapting the Japanese version of Power Rangers, upon which the English version was very loosely based. I say ‘loosely’…and I mean it, because the original Japanese had people in brightly-coloured tights running around saving the world in their dinosaur robots. The English version is about park rangers with powerful quad muscles.

And they’ve done it again, changing it from dinosaur robot-fest to a tacit depiction of people who make and provide aluminium toolboxes to workmen who desperately need them. Basically, they’re going to splice up bits of footage, with the costumed adventures being re-purposed to be visual depictions of the metaphorical struggle that tradespeople go through when they don’t have access to the latest technology or the right tools for the job. Yes, it is very sad. Very sad indeed.

I’m curious to see how they’re going to do it, because a Japanese’s person’s appreciation of the footage is going to to be different to us. And dare I say…Japanese television is a little bit extra, so I hope the original creators aren’t taken aback by their work being used to proclaim messages about under body boxes and aluminium accessories for utes. I’d curious to see how they manage to centre an entire episode around getting powder coating for the toolboxes to match their company logo. The martial arts scenes also have a hazy filter over them to show that they’re not really happening. But they are. Is it too confusing for Australian viewers? Maybe, but then there’s the big focus on aluminium toolboxes and utes- all of which will be original footage- so people should be able to cling to those.