Thoughts for buying property

There is plenty to think about when you are considering buying a house. It may take a while but once you’ve found your dream property it’s time to get the ball rolling. It’s rarely a good idea to purchase a home if you don’t have strong feelings for the place. Unless of course it’s an investment property in which case you’ll be considering the area, potential profits, and cost of renovations.

Getting your section 32 statement is one of the important but boring details that needs to be taken care of before you sign the dotted line. The section 32 statement has crucial details about the property, such as council rates, how the land can be used and details about easements. As a legal document, it is not exactly light bedtime reading, but there is a reason it is compulsory for the vendor to provide it to you.

It’s foolish to attempt to comb through the vendor statement on your own, hoping that their untrained eyes will pick up on any problems with the statement. It is certainly a legal requirement for the details in the section 32 statement to be correct, but many a desperate seller has tried to omit the truth and get away with it. The help of a conveyancer to read through the section 32 statement and verify its claims is invaluable to any property purchaser.

Knowing what is required by the Sale of Land Act 1962 is tricky business and best attempted by a professional. When selecting a conveyancer to tie up the legalities of your purchase, make sure to choose one specialising in your city or area, as they will have plenty of experience with properties just like the one you wish to buy. Do your research and choose a firm that will be able to meet your needs and comes with a good reputation. For the biggest purchase of your life, it can be very expensive, not to mention heartbreaking, if something goes wrong. A conveyancer will be able to guide you through the process and check that the vendor is not tricking you, such as by selling you a warehouse conversion that you may not legally live in.