Sun Electricity

I tried generating my own electricity for one week. This was part of a very interesting challenge set by my guru, who was trying to teach us all a lesson about relying on modern technology, and why it’s not always bad. Still, they did it in such a sneaky way. First we made a big list of all the ways that soulless corporations were draining the planet of all its resources, and then we were supposed to go a week without the things on our list.

I put down power plants, because they’re ruining our natural landscape and stuff Honestly, industrial solar energy can NOT come fast enough, although to be honest, I sort of feel like we’re stealing from the sun. Hasn’t it given us enough already? So, I thought this would be easy. I meditate, I spend a lot of time on my music, so I don’t need a lot of electricity. Hey, hook me up to some commercial energy monitoring stuff. I bet it’d tell a full and wonderful story about how I’m kind to the environment. But you know…power is pretty useful, I will admit. I use a hair straightener to get my distinctive style of not having a style, something I always thought was okay because I was using it on myself. Turns out that it’s pretty hard to do without power. I couldn’t do my recording session without power, something I can’t believe I didn’t think of beforehand. I did a bit of an internet search on my ailing phone and discovered a way to generate power through cycling, but that was barely enough to keep my phone alive.

Oh, the lessons I have learned! And truly, I have learned them. The thousand tiny ways that power improves our lives…and perhaps, on our way to 100% solar and wind power, we can allow other methods. Rungs on the ladder. Still…I was serious about the commercial energy monitoring thing. I still think I use way less than the average, unconcerned citizen.