Some Lovely Balustrading

And to think, the elders said that Australia would never accept our line of work! They still don’t really know the depth of our activities, of course, but these are television executives. They don’t care what you get up to in your spare time, so long as you fulfil your contract. They had an ad out looking for people to pretend to be carpenters, I replied and said that we WERE carpenters. I think the original plan was just to simulate fancy table building to encourage people to upgrade to a high-priced property in the country, but when they hear we could do the real job, the show shifted a little.

Legitimate work while also seeing some nice country homes? We’ve had to institute a waiting list for that assignment.

Just last week the focus of the episode was glass stair balustrading, something I’d never seen- we didn’t have anything of the sort in a Castle- and I found I quite liked the idea. There was that one night of filming where we worked on a kitchen for a family of four in a lovely two-storey place with the three-acre property and a gravel driveway. We had a good look inside and I really liked the interior. The glass balustrading was as high-quality as promised, something to consider if I ever move out of clan headquarters. Glass is just a good look overall, I think.

Bit of a shame that we had to leave after the work was done. I think that home really could’ve suited our family. Still, I’m getting plenty of ideas. For example, what say we dispense with these sliding paper walls, bring in a really quality Melbourne glazier company and look into a bit more glass? And that’s just for starters. The renovations of our family home will heavily involve glass if I have my way. I’ll do my best to convince the family that glass is the way of the future.