Reach Your Dreams with Wisdom!

I do love a good motivational speaker, even if I’ve had mixed experiences with them in the past. Our workplace is also super crazy about them as well; seems like we have another one in every other week. Last week’s was all about encouraging us to try new things, so I went to the Moldavian cafe in the shopping centre near where I live and finally tried the toad soup. I just kept looking in the window and seeing it on the menu, and it just seemed…tantalizing. Also, a bit disgusting.

Anyway, I just got out of hospital, BUT I finally managed to shed all my holiday weight since I didn’t eat for six days. So really, it’s sort of a win-lose.

Then the week before that, they encouraged us to fulfil our financial dreams. I sort of always wanted to own an apartment in the city, and I’ve shied away because I’ve always thought it was for fancy folks. You know, the kind who hunt around Melbourne for property advocates and get them to find properties for them, because that’s just how well-off they are. You can actually afford to have someone look for homes and properties for you? Well…that’s how you know that you’ve made it, basically.

Anyway, all my savings are gone. Couldn’t afford a buyers advocate, so I got myself along to Sharky Joe’s Money-Lending Den so that i could get enough for a deposit. Turns out that Sharky Joe is no longer a functioning business, since the owner has fled to the a small European country where he can’t be extradited.

Still, I think today was the one. Recognise your REAL dreams, then reach them through patience and wisdom! Not totally sure what that means, but I guess I should be patient in my savings, and wise in that I should find an actual, certified buyers advocate based in Melbourne next time. You’d think the alleyway that smelled like cannabis would’ve put me off, but I was just feeling SO motivated…