Quantifying Power

You know what would be cool? If popularity could be measured, and harnessed for the good of all. You know those positive emotions brought forth when you hear someone spit some fire lyrics, or when they pull off the perfect dab, or when they throw some spicy shade at your ex. You know, that sort of thing. You take that buzz, and you translate it into raw power to be used for appliances and households. Not only would we end up with unlimited clean energy for all, but you’d also have a whole society of people who are encouraged to be as cool as possible.

That’d solve so many problems. In fact, I wrote an entire essay on it for class, and thought it was pretty good. We were supposed to be researching the commercial LED lighting revolution and how it compares to older solutions. Something along the lines of how lighting in the last fifteen years has become more efficient in terms of power output and energy consumption. I guess I widened the scope of the idea a little.

I’m confident that in doing so, I’ve made it so much better. I’m sure to get good grades for thinking outside the square. The only problem is that I can’t actually back up my claims with scientific evidence. There is plenty of evidence to support the claims that LED lighting is going to save business thousands of dollars on their utility costs.

There is currently no way to hook people up to some sort of metre that measures their level of cool. Science has yet to find a way to extract that power and use it to keep the lights on. Although it’s possible that the system will work in a way similar to commercial solar. Melbourne has been going through a green power revolution as of late and I’m all for it. Solar panels placed all around the city are a fantastic idea and really fires up my creative juices. That’d be better than having people directly connected via wires and the likes.

I guess the technology just isn’t there yet. That was my conclusion, anyway. Industrial LED lighting will forever be running on electricity, and not mad shade or fleek eyebrows. But I hold out hope that one day a powerful social status will save the planet. The world will be LIT on that day.