One Home Transaction

Selling, buying… what’s the difference? It’s all the same to me. That might sound like nonsense or even downright stupid, but hear me out. If you’re buying something, you’ve most likely had to sell something – your property, your time or something else – in order to raise the funds. If you’re selling, you’ve most likely had to buy up a thing in order to be able to sell it. 

Of course, this all goes out the window if you’ve been gifted or inherited either money or something to sell, but I think my point still stands in general. What it boils down to is that selling and buying are two sides of the same coin, part of one unified dynamic. One can’t exist without the other, and they must effectively collaborate in order for either one to manifest. Put that in your hat and sit on it. 

Obviously, you shouldn’t take this as conveyancing advice. Carlton real estate agents will beg to differ; I can tell you that much from experience, which is really what’s got me on this train of thought. They’ll try to tell you that there are buyers and vendors, and never the twain shall meet, except on the settlement date – and even then, it’s usually their conveyancing solicitors meeting on their behalf.

Sure, there’s something to that. When you’re dealing with the legalities of property transactions, you can’t really ignore the need to differentiate. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the overarching nature of transactions of any kind. That might seem a bit pointless, but what is the point of doing anything if not to figure out the underlying structure of things?

The point is to procure a house to live in, you say? Okay, well… that’s fair. We all need to live somewhere, and that often involves considerations around personal ownership. But if we could all look beyond that, perhaps we could see that we are all sellers and all buyers, all the time.