Just Smile and Talk About Interest Rates

It took five minutes of speed dating to convince me of the awful truth: I’m boring. I never thought I was boring, but I was forced to confront the ugly truth when the first guy asked me what I did in my spare time and my only answer was ‘I watch Week of our Lives’. He didn’t watch it, so he asked what else. And I said…well, it was some babbling answer about visiting Week of Our Lives forums. I know exactly what I’d do if I didn’t find anything interesting on the forums: I go to bed early. Then I go to work, come home, watch Week of Our Lives, rinse and repeat.

So I’m taking steps to remedy it. Now? I’m a property ladder expert. I go to gatherings and everything, where we discuss the latest trends. I rub elbows with important property advocates in Melbourne, and pretend to know what it is they’re talking about, which mostly involves a lot of nodding and laughing at the right times. Also, swishing the wine in my glass at just the right angle.

Look, it’s only my third meeting tonight, so I can’t be expected to know everything. As a matter of fact, I’m still trying to figure out what it is that property advocates do. I know a little bit via simple osmosis, and I remember there being buyers advocates on Week of Our Lives at one point, but that was months ago and the stories move by so quickly.

I should ask Eddie. He’s an estate agent, very polite, very professional, and people around the meetings seem to respect him. I’ll just slip it into conversation. “Say, you know those buyers advocate companies in Melbourne? Do you think they’re of significant benefit to the functions of the property ladder, such and such, random things about interest rates, and whatever? What say you, Eddie?”

Yes, it’s perfect! This hobby thing is easier than I thought.