Joys of eating in the bathroom

Efficiency, that’s what our modern world relies on. If it wasn’t for the geniuses who invented gadgets like the GPS and car cup holders, then we’ve be wasting hours searching directories and cleaning up spillages. That’s why I’ve pledged myself to making life more efficient for future generations of Australians. Some of my ideas may seem radical at first glance, but so was Newtonian physics at one time. If you bear with me, I’ll explain the grand time-saving plan that I have for humanity. Ready for it? Okay here it is: eating in the bathroom. This idea will rake in a fortune for bathroom renovators Melbourne wide.

How, you may ask, does one eat in the bathroom and what purpose does this absurd suggestion serve? Well to answer your question, my friends, it is first and foremost to save time while preparing to go to work in the morning. Secondly it can be easily achieved with a few modest additions to the average household bathroom.

What you need to do is install an electric kettle right beside your basin so you can boil water for your morning coffee while brushing your teeth. Then, install a small bar fridge inside the vanity cupboard so that you can retrieve milk and cereal without having to rush all the way to the kitchen and back. You can save valuable seconds by rinsing your plate and toothbrush at the same time. You’ll also want a cup holder in the shower so you can drink your coffee or tea while you bathe.  I think it’s only a matter of time before eating in the bathroom is a trend across the Melbourne CBD. Kitchen renovations will slowly incorporate these addition to blend them seamlessly with the bathroom. It’ll be a hit amongst ambitious young go-getters who want to save time. I’m always trying to find ways to save time, you know.