Awareness of Solar Energy, for Profit?

So, I emerged from a conference call yesterday to find the denizens of the office gathered around a visitor in the relaxation area, listening as if the man were telling them the secrets of alchemy. I wondered why no one was at work, and Justice said that she’d buzzed the fellow in after he said he had an important message for every business owner. Crime was there because of course he got distracted by any new stimuli, and Judiciary said that he’d finished with all of his IT tasks. I need to find more things for that lad to do.

In any case, the man was raising awareness of commercial solar energy, and surprisingly he had nothing to sell, although he did offer to ‘hook us up’ with solar panel providers if we were so inclined to make our business more socially-conscious. In his own words, he was only an emissary trying to spread the news of commercial solar, which is apparently now a booming industry as businesses now realise they can save costs on energy in the long run.

It certainly sounded like a sales pitch, although in our line of work, one must be skilled at reading people. I sensed nothing but a genuine spirit from this individual. If he was indeed attempting to lead us astray, the sentiment was second-hand; he himself had no knowledge of it.

Perhaps it’s something to consider. Despite the time we spend outside of the office, our energy bills are consistently high. It’s become something of an irritation to spend money on something we feel that we are not using, so perhaps this warrants investigation. That IS something we are known for, after all. But I promise nothing more than that, unlike my companions, who are all now so enamoured I expect to walk into the office tomorrow and be greeted with an illicit industrial solar system. I must take steps to ensure that their emotions do not cause this to occur…