I Need to Speak to the Manager…For Some Reason

It’s really strange, but ever since I got my hair cut, I have this overwhelming urge to talk to people in charge. Sometimes there’s not even a reason behind it; I just walk by a place where it LOOKS like there’s someone in charge, and I feel the urge to go in and just…talk to them. Maybe to straighten things out, but I don’t exactly know what I want, just that I want it.

You’d think the haircut was controlling my brain or something! But that’s silly; it’s a really nice, short cut that a lot of mums my age are getting, with some black highlights and a curvy fringe that I can use to do a bit of styling.

And then yesterday, I finally gave in. I’d been looking around Ashood, tree removal¬†professionals are harder to find than you might think. There is always something to do. Anyway, we have this gum tree at the bottom on the garden and it’s a huge pain; just not good for the garden, and doesn’t fit with the aesthetic I’m going for. So I saw some people doing tree removal- not sure where they were from, and not even sure if they’re part of an actual tree removal service- and I got the urge to go and talk to their manager.

It was like I was sleepwalking: one minute I was walking the dog, making sure I didn’t leave any of her mess behind like SOME people around this neighbourhood, and the next, I was talking to the guy doing tree removal and demanding to see his manager, because I wanted a word with him. I didn’t say it in a nice way, either. It was actually very snippy, which isn’t like me. The guy in charge came over, and I pulled myself up to my full height, ready to give him a piece of my mind…then my mind went blank. I mean, obviously! I had nothing to say!

Maybe this haircut really is affecting me in some weird way. I need to talk to my hairdresser’s manager about this, clearly. And then I need to get onto some actual tree removal. Caulfield¬†has far too many trees anyway, it’s not like they’ll miss a couple if they get cut down.¬†That being said, maybe I’ll play the field a little bit, so that I don’t burn any bridges.

Oh, and speaking of fields, Hunter needs to be picked up from football practice! I’d been meaning to speak to the team manager…