Tinting Will Save Us All

The rest of the office must never know that the plague of eternal darkness was my doing. It’s for their own good, after all. Tinted windows can actually block a fair amount of UV rays, and UV rays are the greatest silent killer of all. Now, every single window in our office is tinted, thanks …

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School Reunion Styling

What does one wear to a high school reunion? I’ve never bothered going to these things in the past, but apparently we’ve clocked up 20 years now, so I feel it’s time I put in an appearance. My friend Paulo has been hassling me about teaming up for the five-hour drive, too. Maybe he has …

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Clearly Superior Taste

I’m really over cleaning the wall tiles beyond my stove. I always thought that scrubbing encroaching mould out of grout lines was just part and parcel of having a house with a very old kitchen, but it was recently pointed out to me that a glass splashback is an an alternative that’s much easier to …

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